the flood

I'm happy to have some new tunes for y'all. And first of all, I want to point you to where you can (at least for now!) get them for free. You can also choose an amount to pay for the EP when you download it, or you can get it on iTunes (and, of course, I will very much appreciate those options), but this was intended from day one to primarily be a thank you to everyone who's given any of their valuable time and attention to my music. Thank you.

However it gets there, I'd like it in your music collection. And if you particularly like any of the songs, please tell your friends.

Download on iTunes or pay what you want on BandCamp

The Flood on Spotify (spotify app link)

The Flood on Rdio

The Flood on Google Play

The Flood on Deezer

Yep, the EP will also be on Beats and Amazon. I'll let you know when you can get it in those places. (p.s. for the quickest updates, follow me on Twitter).