More Human Than Human

Many years ago, I wanted to see if I could make White Zombie's More Human Than Human work as something that I could pull out at an open mic night when it was just the guitar and me. It worked well enough that I started playing around with a recorded version.

For some reason, it got thrown back into the slush pile until a couple of months ago, when I decided to dust it off and take it to the finish line.

Gone is the slasher movie astro-creep of the original. This astro-creep is hitch hiking on dusty country roads and swaggering into your local pub to deliver his message. I'm still not entirely sure what that message is, but that never took away from my enjoyment of the original, and I hope you get some of the same kicks out of listening to this version as I did making it.

Much thanks to Ryan Warden, who co-produced The Infinite Noise's Dead City Radio album, for graciously letting me use some of his photographic work for the background texture of the eye. The main reason I didn't use it for more is that I'm still planning on asking to use the entire original for some album art in the future. Do yourself a favour and check out his instagram feed if you want to see some great photos.

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