born to be wild

After finishing Familiar Places, I wanted to do something fun to test out some new recording gear and techniques. And yes, as the title of this post suggests, I dared to attempt covering one of the most iconic rock songs out there.

I wanted to stay true to the original spirit of the song, but I didn't want to just do my own rock cover. So, while there are some guitars in there and you'll recognize the melody and lyrics (why mess with a good thing?), you'll also find a hell of a lot of synths and electronic drums. I'm hoping this one is as much at home in the club as it is pumping in your car stereo.

I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I had making it!

Without further ado, you can check out my version of Born to Be Wild right now on iTunes:

In the future, it'll be on other stores and streaming services, including Rdio, Deezer, Spotify, and Beats Music. I'll be sure to let you know when that happens.